Why Do Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

In extremely cold weather, the fluids in the battery can freeze. In extreme heat, those fluids can evaporate, both leaving the battery in a weakened state. Testing the battery is easy. To get started, the vehicle needs to be turned off and the lights as well. Look closely at the battery terminals; they need to be clear of corrosion to get an accurate reading.

Use a wire brush to get the corrosion off easily. The voltmeter will be needed to get an accurate reading, and it is simply comprised of a black and red cable, black negative and red positive. Connect the red to positive on the car battery first, then the same with black to negative. If the load reading on the voltmeter is above the 12.4 mark, your car battery is fine. There may be trouble is the battery registers under 12.2 on the voltmeter.

If you suspect car battery trouble, head over to see the mechanics at Weir Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for a full inspection.