What is the Advantage of Plastic Headlights?

Most modern vehicles use plastic headlights. The plastic consists of a polycarbonate blend that is scratch resistant and solid enough to endure the travails of high-speed travel. The air through which you drive is not debris and particle free. Indeed, driving a vehicle is a practice of enduring small, but consistent, impacts. Your headlights, placed as they are at the head of the vehicle, endure impacts every second of the drive.

The largest advantage of plastic headlights is found in their weight. Along with new mileage regulations came the necessity of shedding as much weight as possible. Plastic headlights are also easier to mold than glass providing for an increased focusing effect. Plastic headlights resist chipping where glass headlights chip easily.

At Weir Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in New Athens, IL, we check the integrity of your plastic headlights with every service. If your headlights need repair, our trained technicians know what to do.