The Essential Safety Guide for Your Next Holiday Trip

To avoid the majority of those potential problems that you could experience out on the road trip this holiday, all you need to do is set aside some time to plan for the troubles in advance. This essential safety guide is your key to eliminating many of those road issues that you may encounter.

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Keeping Yourself Entertained on the Road

The new 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has so many great features that will make every trip memorable and fun. Each vehicle is available with the Uconnect System, an innovative entertainment device that has so many features that will keep everyone inside the car entertained, even if you get stuck in a horrible traffic jam.

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How to Brighten Faces Travelling over with Food

Have you worked long and hard all year taking no days off to spend with family and friends? Take advantage of these quick tops that let you meet up and enjoy foods with family all over again. At Weir Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, our only job is to see you get your food either from your favorite eateries or family kitchens across the city to your destination. Delivering clean and safe delicacies will not only help make memories but also cement relationships. Explore some of these methods for healthy and memorable getaways:

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Headlight safety

It's important to remember the primary function of headlights: to allow good visibility in poor conditions. By providing light on the landscape in front of you, allows you to know your surroundings and make safer choices in case of an emergency. Damaged or cloudy headlights dramatically reduce (or possibly eliminate) the overall visibility. Which of course, creates a much dangerous surrounding for the driver and passengers.

Another factor to remember regarding a vehicle's headlights, it is just as important to be seen by other motorists. Making sure your...
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Oil Change or Bust

Sometimes we see things at our dealership that leads us to believe that some drivers don't take routine maintenance seriously because even something as simple as an oil change proves integral to your vehicle's performance. Keeping to the appropriate schedule of maintenance will keep your vehicle operating properly and efficiently and help to prolong its life and overall value when you go to sell.


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